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Personal Insurance

Complementary health insurance « Mutuelle »

Banque Populaire Occitane is on your side

There are several “complémentaires” top up medicals which can be defined as follow:
Basic cover (also the cheapest) will pay you an equal amount to what the French Social security refunds. A common disease, a doctor's visit, medecines, hospitalisation, surgery, heavy treatments are covered 100 % when you subscribe to the basic complementary insurance.
The basic complementary insurance has obligation to refund, if necessary, as much as what CPAM refunds. Certain treatments are not very well refunded by the CPAM. They mainly concern treatments to teeth, sight, hearing (prothesis, braces, glasses, etc…)
As the basic complementary refunds as much as what CPAM refunds, if CPAM refunds very little, then the complementary will also refund a small amount.
Example: You buy a pair of glasses for 250 €, French Social security refunds 25 €.
Then the Vitamin’300 top up will refund maxi… 210 €.
Total: 235€. 15 € will be from your pocket.


Different levels of cover

Therefore, Mutuelles Complémentaires offer different levels of cover. The higher level of complementary health insurance you opt for, the higher refund you will get. It means that glasses and teeth would be better covered because on top of the very low refunding by CPAM, the mutuelle would refund same as CPAM plus a lump sum, which increases the higher your cover is.

The higher level of cover you choose the higher premium you have to pay too.
When subscribing for the first time to a mutuelle complémentaire, you have also to be aware that there is a period during which you have to pay before you are taken in charge.
This period is called a “stage”:
- 3 months to pay before you are covered for basic treatments to sight, hearing, teeth and common illnesses.
- 6 months to be covered for hospitalisation.
- one year for dental prosthesis, transplants.
Once this period is done, it has never to be done again even if you change from one broker to another.
The premiums are calculated for each person according to their age when joining and the level of cover chosen (Vitamin’ 100, Vitamin’ 200, Vitamin’ 300, Vitamin’ 500).
We will need your National Health Number/CPAM number to join a complementary health insurance.


Specific needs – specific answers

Banque Populaire Occitane has implemented specific answers to specific needs in terms of Personal Insurance:

MAV: A protection for you and your family in case of serious, disabling accidents which helps you to keep the same standard of living (payment of a lump sum up to 1 million €, and 200 000€ extra when you are a BPOC “sociétaire”).
Autonomis: An efficient help to stay independent and self-sufficient even after an accident or illness through life annuities.
Fructi Famille: A protection for your family in the event of death because of an illness or an accident, by the payment of a lump sum.
Fructi Obseque: To finance and organise your funeral.
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