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Means of payments

Using a debit card in France


Whether you use it for purchases or for withdrawing money, your bank card will prove useful both in France and abroad. You should be aware that cards do not work in the same way as in other countries.
With these debit cards, as soon as you make payments or withdrawals, it is immediately debited from your account. You must always ensure that you have enough provision in your account before you debit it or you will have charges to pay for the overdraft.
Once the card is ordered it usually takes around 10 days to arrive at your legal address. The 4 figures pin number will also be sent to your legal address by post one or two days before or after your card.
In order to activate your card, you need to enter the pin number in a cash point or in a shop.
(You cannot activate a card by using it the first time on the internet, for example, as you do not enter the pin).
In case of theft or loss: the emergency telephone number for reporting a lost or stolen debit card or chequebook:
If you are in France is: 01 77 86 24 24
If you call from abroad: 0033 254 546 724
If your card was stolen then you also need to report it to the police.



Upgraded debit card: Visa Premier

To access services and insurances without any frontier

This debit card will allow you:
  Higher withdrawal and payment possibilities than a classic card. 
  Insurance and assistance for all your travelling (Repatriation, medical assistance for you and your family when travelling together or separately, car rental insurance, cover against cancellation/interruption of your holiday, cover against flight or luggage     delays, cover in case of theft or loss of your card...)
   Skiing cover: help and search expenses, public liability, ski pass refund, damage to skis… You and your family are covered for all your mountain activities!
  Many other Privileges: “Premier Voyages” and “Premier Spectacles” agencies will help you to organise your holidays and your leisure activities (preferential prices for hotels, car rental and flights, exclusive offers for holidays/short stays and week-end trips, instant telephone bookings to all shows in Paris and throughout the country).
This debit card means SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS FOR YOU as you do not have to take an insurance policy out every time you travel as long as you pay your holiday (journey and staying) with the VISA PREMIER card.
Other types of debit cards such as Visa Platinum and Visa infinite, intended for affluent consumers who are frequently travelling abroad, are available.
For more information please contact us.


Options E-Carte Bleue

You can order safely online with an E-Carte Bleue, which is one of the free services (Internet connection still at your charge) offered by VISA for your everyday shopping.

A unique virtual number will be given to you every time you buy something online, which avoids you giving your card number. As this unique number can only be used once, it will be impossible to carry out a fraud on your card. The virtual number will change for every purchase you make. Furthermore, you will benefit from a delivery insurance.  You will need to contact your adviser in order to activate your E-Carte Bleue. This option will enable you to pay certain purchases in three instalments according to criteria agreed with your adviser.


Credit card


FACELIA(1) : Cash or credit payment, it’s up to you!
With the Facelia(1) bank card you decide whether you want to pay your purchases cash (directly debited, in France, abroad and on the Internet) or on credit (these transactions are not allowed abroad) (interest to pay from the moment you purchase with the card). Please note that you will benefit of an extended guarantee when paying with this card. 


Paying by cheque


Paying by cheque, still a common form of payment in France
To make any large payment it is better to write a cheque, as the debit card in France has a payment limit. You may be asked to show some form of ID with a cheque for a large amount.
You must ensure that you always have enough provision in your current account when writing a cheque,
As having a cheque rejected in France is very serious. You cannot cancel a cheque you have written and given to the payee except if the cheque has been lost, stolen or you have been victim of a fraud. To obtain your first chequebook, you should make a request to your Banque Populaire Occitane adviser. It can be sent to your legal address or kept at your local branch. When you have only 10 cheques left, another chequebook will automatically be issued. Each chequebook also contains R.I.Bs (Bank Details Slips).
How to fill in a cheque?
1. The amount in words                    
2. The name of the beneficiary                                
3. The amount in digits
4. The place where you are when writing the cheque
5. The date when writing the cheque (a cheque is only valid for one year)
6. Your signature
For your information :
- In case of a discrepancy between the figures and the sum in words, the words prevail.
- A cheque is only valid for one year and eight days
- Always ensure that you sign the back of a cheque before crediting it in your account
- It takes 3 days for a cheque to clear
(1) Carte permettant de payer soit au comptant comme une carte de paiement classique, soit à crédit par l’utilisation du crédit renouvelable associé. Le choix du mode de règlement à crédit est un service disponible pour : les retraits d’espèces et les paiements de proximité en France ; les paiements à distance sous réserve de disponibilité du service chez les e-commerçants ; les paiements depuis une solution de paiement mobile agréée par l’Emetteur sous réserve de disponibilité du service. Vous exprimez votre choix lors du règlement de votre achat ou du retrait au distributeur de billets. Conformément à la loi, à défaut de choix, l'opération sera effectuée comptant. Ce crédit renouvelable peut être souscrit sans la carte bancaire Facelia. Il peut également être utilisé par virement sur votre compte de dépôt ou par émission de chèques. Pour plus d’informations, reportez-vous à la brochure commerciale de votre agence Banque Populaire Occitane

Un crédit vous engage et doit être remboursé. Vérifiez vos capacités de remboursement avant de vous engager.


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