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Internet banking

Access to the site

Go to the website :
Then, click on « ACCES A VOS COMPTES » on the top right hand side.
On the 1st line IDENTIFIANT enter your n° d'abonné:  Qxxxxxxx
And in the next box MOT DE PASSE enter the provisory password given to you.
When you enter all that, you arrive on another screen CHANGEMENT DE MOT DE PASSE where you have to register your own password.
Be careful, your ‘mot de passe’ should be between 8 and 12 characters with at least 1 digit and 1 letter. Beware, for letters if you save them in upper cases and then after enter them in lower cases, it will not work. This new password must be one you never tried or had before.
In the 1st box, you enter the one we gave you, and in the next 2 boxes, you enter your own "mot de passe" (twice) and valid (you must only use your own password from now on).
Once the password changed, you will then arrive on the presentation page of the site. At the top, in the middle, you have 3 tabs: “MON ESPACE”, “MES COMPTES” and “MES OPERATIONS”.
  • When clicking on MES COMPTES, the following page will present the balances of your current chequebook account and if you click on the balance amount (“solde”) you will have the details of the last 3 months transactions. If you want to see the balance of your account after each transaction, click on “Date de valeur”, and under the name of the transaction, it will appear.
  • If you want to see the balances of all your accounts, click on "VOIR TOUS MES COMPTES ET CONTRATS".
  • To make a transfer from one of your account to another, click on "MES OPERATIONS" then on “Entre les comptes de mon abonnement", then choose the account to debit "Compte à débiter"  and then double click on the account you want to credit "Compte à créditer". Enter the amount in "Montant" then click on "Suivant" and finally validate/ confirm.
  • If you want a currency exchange rate, click on “cours des devises".
  • To print your bank details, you need to click on "MES COMPTES", then on “IMPRESSION IBAN RIB”, and print the “compte de dépôt” details.
  • If you asked for your bank statements to be stored on Cyberplus and not sent by mail, you can see and print them by clicking on "MON ESPACE", and "MES DOCUMENTS ELECTRONIQUES", then “MES DOCUMENTS DE GESTION”, tick the one you want to print and click on "TELECHARGER" at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you have a credit line through your bank card, click on "MES OPERATIONS", then on “Crédit renouvelable”, then “Gestion des achats” if you want to convert a transaction into credit or debit, and “Autres operations” for the rest.









After clicking the tab “mes operations” then click on the left hand side instruction/ “gérer mes bénéficiaires” and then “créer”.

Fill in all the boxes and, for the last instruction “motif économique” choose “E07- AUTRES SERVICES”. Then click suivant.


The message “CHOISIR LA FONCTION” will appear then on your security card reader .Press the double arrow light blue button “reponse” then enter your debit card 4 digit pin number.

Then enter the 8 red digits that you have on the screen in the IBAN (in this example 27722340) - on the security card reader when it shows “DONNEES”. Then press ok. The REPONSE given by the security card reader has to be written at the bottom of the screen in the box “code de controle”.
Your new beneficiary is activated.



  • Stay on the page “MES OPERATIONS” and click on the left hand side’s instruction “VIREMENT”
  • click ”VERS UN TIERS”
  • You will choose the account you want to debit by clicking on the little arrow & double clicking the account you want to debit
  • You also choose the account you want to credit the same way.
  • Then click on “SUIVANT”


On the next screen, you will have the blue space” MONTANT” where you will enter the amount you want to transfer (you can even choose the currency if your third party’s account is abroad+ it is compulsory to enter the purpose of your transfer if it is for 12500€ or more in the space “MOTIFS DU VIREMENT”)
You finally click on “SUIVANT”.
The next screen will display all the transfer details, which you will need to check. You will then click “ENREGISTRER ET VALIDER” if you are happy to proceed with the transaction.



When you pay online with your debit card, once you have entered the card number and the expiring date, some web sites will ask for an 8 digits code, like shown in the following screen shot.

On your Cyberplus Pass, you will need to click on the light blue lock button “code” and enter in the card reader your normal debit card pin number.
Then Press the green button “ok”
Your card reader will display a code that you will have to enter on the internet screen.


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