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Current Account

How does the account work ?

You need a French bank with an English speaking branch ?
You are in need of a contact to guide you through ordinary or financial matters ? Then you have reached the right address.
A current account can be opened as a single or a joint account (married couples or not, members of the same family or not, etc...).
Power of attorney can be given to someone else in order for this person to act on your behalf in all sorts of banking transactions. This account is not a savings account (no interest) but is the account used for all your transfers, direct debits, debit card and chequebook payments.
This current account is called “Compte de dépôt”, not to be mistaken with a deposit account called “Compte sur livret” or “Livret d’épargne”.
You will get a (free) monthly statement for your current Account, in French or in English, (or you can decide to have your bank statements online, via your Cyberplus access, and see your bank statements for the last 10 years).
You will not get a statement for your savings account, but it is possible for you to access all your accounts online.
For further information regarding savings opportunities within Banque Populaire Occitane please contact us. According to your needs and your profile, different options can be offered.


The documents required to open an account

Opening a bank account with Banque Populaire Occitane is very simple.

You only need to provide the following documents:
- An authenticated copy of your passport,
- Copy of your driving license,
- A recent utility bill of your permanent/legal address,
- Copies of your last three months bank statements,
- Copies of your last three payslips,
- Copy of P60 or tax document,
- Any documents necessary to substantiate your financial status.
These documents depend on your profession and the source of your funds.



You must ensure that there are always sufficient funds in your account in order to honour all payments you make. However, an overdraft facility can be arranged with your adviser, but be aware that even with an overdraft facility, you will have to pay some charges (interests)

An overdraft facility in France is considered as a loan.








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