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AFFINEA (Product not marketed from 01/01/2020)


All accounts in our bank are organised to be what we call "active" which means that we offer a set of services called AFFINEA. AFFINEA not only insures you of a comprehensive set of services and security, but gives a substantial rebate in the yearly cost.


The AFFINEA set of services includes :

  1. A current chequebook account (“COMPTE DE DEPOT”).
  2. A deposit account (“COMPTE SUR LIVRET”) with yearly interest (minimum balance of 10 €). Funds are totally and immediately available and may be moved from one account to the other without notice. The yearly interests are available on our Internet site :
  3. An international debit card, which functions totally independently from the chequebook, with a PIN number (in France, each kind of debit card has a limit of payment and withdrawal, see the document “DEBIT CARDS” to see them and to make your choice).
  4. An insurance for the card and chequebook against fraud, loss or theft (“SECURIPLUS”).
  5. A secured internet access to all your accounts (“CYBERPLUS”) with ability to transfer free to SEPA countries and cheaper transfers to International countries+ English statements online kept for you for the 10 legal years.
  6. An (optional) legal protection cover and assistance if you find yourself in a dispute with neighbours/tax offices/NHS/traffic accident/purchase of goods/employment …(except divorce, building work cover by the artisan’s 10 years guarantee or if you were the perpetrator of the crime/fraud).

















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